Perthshire PP Range

Thanks to the high standard of craftsmanship at Perthshire Paperweights (1968-2002) in Crieff, Scotland, the company quickly gained a reputation for quality. In addition to its Annual Collection, the factory also issued its PP Range - mainly millefiori designs - numbered from PP 1 to PP 249. The majority were limited editions; others - such as PP 1 and PP 2 - were part of the  unlimited General Range and many were made for a number of years. Whereas most limited editions have a “P” signature/date cane or a scratched “P”, early General Range weights are unsigned. Financial constraints forced the factory to close in early 2002.

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    A chequer board pattern with white, purple & lilac twists outlining 5 squares, filled with blue/white & green/white cog canes and centred by a complex millefiori cane. The 4 triangular sections are filled with green, blue, pale-pink & chartreuse cogs. A garland of violet & white millefiori canes and short lengths of the white & purple...

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    A medium-size weight with a hexagonal millefiori pattern. Surrounding the large composite centre cane is a ring of multi-coloured cog canes, followed by a hexagon of canes with 6 differently-coloured, complex canes marking the points. Pale-green/white twists form a second hexagon. The design is encircled by a double garland of pale-amber, mauve, pale-blue...

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    PP12 was among the first limited editions to be made by Perthshire. In the early weights the millefiori canes were scattered on short lengths of white lace over a translucent colour ground. In this one there are 12 complex canes in colours ranging from soft pastel pink, pale-lemon & pale-green to cobalt-blue, amber & olive-green over a translucent...

    £ 99.00
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items