McDougall, Peter

Peter McDougall began his career in glass at Strathearn. He  was factory manager at Perthshire Paperweights until the company closed down. He set up PMcD Glass Studio Ltd. in Crieff, Scotland in 2002. He produced General Range weights and issued an Annual Collection of small limited editions or designs made only for one year. His PMcD signature-cane is usually either incorporated in the design or embedded in the base. At the end of 2011- after a life spent working with glass - Peter closed down PMcD Glass Studio but he continues to produce a few weights - sometimes in collaboration with his son, Allan.

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  • Design No 5 - a limited edition - from the 2010 collection: a garland of dark-blue forget-me-nots encircles a cluster of complex millefiori canes in shades of blue, forest-green, pale-orange and turquoise.  The design is set on a white muslin cushion.The weight is scratch-numbered next to the PMcD 10 signature/date cane in the polished, concave base....

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    Closely packed in this 77mm/3" weight - G12B in Peter’s General Range - are more than 60 large complex millefiori canes as well as smaller, simpler canes on a mottled pale-pink & grey ground. Signed with the PMcD initials in the millefiori canopy.

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    A medium-size weight from the 2007 Annual Collection with 17 complex millefiori canes - in colours ranging from pale-pink, blue, green & lavender to red, amber, cobalt-blue & forest-green - scattered across a cushion of fine lemon-coloured lace.A PMcD signature cane is set on the cushion amongst the canes. Scratch-dated 2007 on the polished,...

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  • A limited edition design - No. 3 from the 2006 Annual Collection. A vine bearing numerous pink buds and green leaves encircles a central pink flower with a complex millefiori cane at the centre of the 6 petals. The design is set on white upset muslin. A PMcD signature cane is embedded in the polished, concave base and the weight is scratch-numbered.

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    Set on a white lace cushion is a bright-blue lampwork flower with 5 dark-blue veined petals around a pink & white complex millefiori “stamen”.  Spaced around the flower, between the petals, are 5 complex millefiori canes.Signed with a PMcD cane in the polished, concave base. Bears original PMcD Glass Studio sticker.

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    A miniature crown, which originally joined the General Range in 2004.  This one features green, white & grey rods alternating with white spiraling filigree cables, radiating out from a complex green, white & pink millefiori floret over a cobalt-blue ground. A PMcD signature cane is set in the polished, concave base.  Original PMcD Glass Studio sticker.

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