Manson, William

William Manson Snr. began his career in glassmaking in the late 60s at Caithness Glass where he first met Paul Ysart. In the 1970s the two later worked together at Harland Glass. Between his own studio ventures he has twice returned to work at Caithness.  He makes collector-quality paperweights usually in small limited editions or occasionally one-off pieces. Over the years he has used a number of different “WM” signature canes in addition to signing and dating his weights.

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    A butterfly flutters between sprays of yellow flowers and tall green leaves. The insect’s body is enhanced with aventurine; its outstretched pale-blue/white wings are edged with black markings. To give added depth, the design is arranged in 3 layers. The amber flash around the lower part of the weight gives the design the glow of a summer evening.Signed...

    £ 125.00
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item