Hunter, Mike

Mike Hunter is one of Britain’s leading art glass designers and makers. In 1998, after working in hot glass in industry for more than 25 years, he set up Twists Glass Studio in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders region. He incorporates his beautiful and colourful “twists” into wine glasses, plates and vases...and his complex millefiori canes into paperweights. His paperweights - nowadays all one-of-a-kind pieces - have an “MH” signature cane and are scratch-signed and dated on the base.

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    Complex millefiori canes in a subtle colour combination - blues, pinks, purple & a hint of green - are centred by a stylized white Japanese anemone and mauve rose canes. Spaced around the centre are 5 butterfly silhouettes set in composite canes and 5 white anemones.   The canes are meticulously set over a translucent blue cushion underlaid with white...

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    A canopy of complex millefiori canes - more than 50 altogether - closely packed in a new design.  Variously-coloured rose canes, pansy canes & stylized Japanese anemones are scattered randomly among silhouette canes and 3 & 4-ring tube, cog & star canes in a huge variety of colours.  The canes are arranged over a translucent blue cushion on a...

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    A 4-row concentric design with alternating complex millefiori canes in the 3rd and 4th rows and small intermediate canes spaced between the 2nd and 3rd rows.  The canes are composed of an amazing range of colours: from blues & turquoise, purple & lavender to red, green caramel, ochre & brown.  The canes are set on a translucent blue cushion...

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    A patterned weight with large and small 2 & 3 ring complex millefiori canes composed of heart silhouettes, corrugated tubes and cogs set over a translucent blue cushion and white staves, which are drawn underneath the design. Cane colours range from purple & lavender through red & pink to olive & dark-green & cobalt-blue.Around the MH...

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    Extremely complex millefiori canes in shades of pink, pale-orange, cinnamon, white, red, purple, blue & grey are arranged around a large pink rose cane in a mid-size, subtly-coloured patterned weight. The cane canopy is meticulously set over a semi-translucent cobalt-blue cushion underlaid with red-lined, white corrugated staves.The weight is...

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    6 red & white pansies set around a central butterfly silhouette cane dominate this design. The colour palette of the complex millefiori canes separating the pansies includes various shades of blue combined with brown whereas the canes in the encircling border combine white with burgundy, pale blue & dark-brown. The semi-translucent cobalt-blue...

    £ 275.00
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