Deacons, J. & C.

Having trained at Strathearn Glass before moving to Perthshire Paperweights in 1968, John Deacons set up his own company J-Glass in 1978. Economic pressures forced him to close down operations in 1983. Another venture - making paperweights for the U.S. market - was called St. Kilda after an island off the coast of Scotland. Today John works from the small glass studio adjacent to his house in Crieff - and along with his son Craig - produces an amazing range of both millefiori and lampwork paperweights, including double, triple and encased overlays, which are signed with a JD cane or a JHD signature/date cane.

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    Set on a cushion of fine white lace is a lampworked blue jay perched on a branch bearing orange berries and dark-green leaves. The white feathers of his throat and body contrast with the bright-blue plummage of his head, wings and tail. The design is set in a single blue overlay finished with a circular top window and on the side an unusual “square” cut -...

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    Encircled by a garland of Clichy-style white/pink rose canes and white/pink complex millefiori canes is a red-aventurine bodied butterfly set over a pale-green lace ground. The insect’s outstretched yellow wings have orange markings close to the body and similar “eye-spots” at the tips.Signed with a JHD 2017 cane on the underside of the polished, concave...

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    A blue-on-white double overlay is cut with a scalloped top facet and 12 oval side facets to reveal 2 yellow lampwork flowers set on a green & white filigree crown. The whole is then encased in another layer of clear glass which is finished with a single top facet.Signed with a JHD 2009 cane in the polished, concave base.

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    Centring this lampwork and millefiori design is a pink/white 5-petalled clematis with a short curving stem set over a translucent, mottled aqua ground. The flower is encircled by a double garland composed of pale-blue & pale-pink cog canes and white, red & green twists.Signed in the garland with a JD cane. Slightly concave, fire-polished base with...

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    A pink, white & pale-blue complex millefiori cane anchors fine red, white & blue rods which swirl like a catherine wheel in a clockwise direction under a clear dome before coming together again in the concave, polished base.Signed with a JD1998 signature/date cane in the centre of the base.

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  • RESERVED A medium-size paperweight with two 5-petalled flowers - one dark-blue, the other pink & white, each with a millefiori cane stamen - set over a semi-translucent, mottled yellowish-green ground.Signed with a JD cane at the base of the stems. Slightly concave, fire-polished base with lightly-ground pontil.

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    Clichy-style rose canes in various sizes and a range of colours - pink, white, pale-yellow, pale-blue - form a gently-curving arch over a cushion of white upset muslin.Signed with a JHD 2015 cane. A narrow wear ring surrounds the polished, concave base.  

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    An assortment of multi-coloured millefiori canes closely packed in a 3-colour basket. The canes include 3 Clichy-style roses and 4 silhouettes (a bird, a dog and 2 mountain goats). In addition, there are thistle, complex star canes and whorls. The basket is made of purple & white staves, alternating with the translucent amethyst of the cushion - which...

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