Caithness Abstract

The history of paperweights at Caithness Glass - founded in 1961 in Wick in the northeast of Scotland - started with those, made after hours, by Paul Ysart who worked there as training officer from 1962 to 1972. In 1969, Colin Terris decided to experiment with limited edition abstract designs. The first designs proved popular and the company then issued new designs every year. In 1979 specially-designed premises were opened on the outskirts of Perth. After Caithness was acquired by Dartington Glass, paperweight production was downsized and moved from Perth to Crieff.

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    Set above a white crystalline ground is a stylized shaded-pink rose - its petals streaked with white - described as “a regal bloom in gentle colours”. The flower is encircled by translucent green leaves and tendrils. The paperweight is finished with a top facet and 32 side flutes arranged in 2 rows.Signed and dated (twice !) by the artist Colin Terris...

    £ 70.00
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