In the early 1950s, Baccarat, the traditional French glasshouse, decided to re-introduce paperweights into its production range. The secrets of the company’s fine millefiori and lampworking techniques, however, had long since been forgotten. A gradual learning process followed. By the late 50s the company was again producing millefiori weights - mainly concentrics and zodiac closepacks - while the first lampwork examples only appeared in the late 60s. That was when Baccarat introduced a date cane plus an acid-etched insignia on the base. Later a “B” was added to the date cane. In the 1970s, an acid-etched date and edition number joined the insignia on the base. In 2002 the company decided paperweight production was no longer viable and it was phased out.

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    Gliding between purple & white flowers is a 3-dimensional light-brown snail. Scattered around the dark-green ground are silver pebbles. Signed with a B1977 date cane. Polished, slightly concave base with acid-etched Baccarat insignia as well as year, edition size & number.Includes original numbered certificate

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    Arched over a white satin cushion is a beautifully-sculpted pink & white double clematis borne on a green stem.  A second stem bears a pink bud waiting to unfurl..A small B 1974 signature/date cane is set close to the bottom of the stems. Numbered and dated 407/1974 on the polished concave base along with 2 acid-etched Baccarat insignia.

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    A meticulously set close concentric design with a good colour combination produced in the Baccarat factory in 1972. 8 rings of complex millefiori canes in various shades of blue punctuated with white, yellow & dusky-pink are enclosed in a pink/white stave basket. There are alternating canes in the second, fourth and seventh rings. A B1972...

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    This design featuring 12 Zodiac silhouette canes randomly scattered in an arched canopy of small, closely-packed, complex millefiori canes in a huge range of colours was first introduced in 1958.A tiny white/green B1974 signature/date cane is tucked away near the periphery.  Flat, polished base with 2 acid-etched Baccarat insignia, number (77) and year...

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    A low-domed paperweight with a squirrel silhouette cane in the centre - facing left - encircled by 5 concentric rows of complex millefiori canes. The blue/grey canes in the 3rd row contain smaller versions of all 18 Gridel silhouettes including both the black & white monkeys. The design is set over parallel white latticinio rods. A B1971...

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