Clichy was the third of the principal French glassworks in the mid-19th century. Although only founded in 1842, it soon came to rival Baccarat and St. Louis, particularly in the production of paperweights. It produced a huge variety of complex millefiori canes, striking colour grounds and excellent lampwork. Clichy “roses” - including the rare turquoise, yellow, purple and green roses - became a kind of trademark for the factory. Few Clichy weights were signed; occasionally the letter “C” can be found in a cane, but the full word CLICHY is extremely rare. The take-over in 1885 signaled the demise of this great French glassworks.

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    Creating a vortex effect under a clear, but low dome, the 30 alternating turquoise & white rods in this weight swirl - clockwise - from white star canes set around a larger, pink-sheathed star.  (The majority of Swirls are ANTI-clockwise !)  The ring of controlled bubbles around the centre is not quite complete and one bubble is much larger than the...

    £ 575.00
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    Starting from a point under a complex pink & white pastry-mould cane, 36 alternating cobalt-blue & white rods swirl out forming a pinwheel pattern under a clear crystal dome. Polished, concave base with a broad wear ring.

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    The clear glass set with colourful Clichy millefiori canes - claret, aubergine, pink, blue, red, turquoise & green - in the usual 4-5-6-7-6-5-4- formation and centred by a large pink & green rose, which is tilted to one side. Polished, concave base and a narrow basal rim.

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    Surrounding the purple/white pastry-mould cane at the centre of the design are 9 composite canes with white stars around a turquoise core.  In the outer row blue-centred pink/white corrugated canes are set between pairs of green/red pastry-moulds. Polished, concave base.

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    A medium-sized 19-cane spaced design in clear crystal centred by a pink/green rose with yellow pistils.  Typical Clichy pastrymould canes in colours ranging from pale-pink to claret & royal-blue meticulously set in a 3-4-5-4-3 formation. Polished, concave base with wear ring.

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    A chequer pattern with a pink/green rose centring 2 rows of 16 complex millefiori canes - separated by short lengths of latticinio - over a white lace cushion. Next to the centre rose is a white/pink rose. The canes in the outer row - in shades of green, ruby, blue, purple & turquoise - are considerably larger than those in the inner row. The lace...

    £ 990.00
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items