Baccarat/Dupont paperweights - both millefiori and lampwork - are believed to have been made ca. 1920/1930 by a M. Dupont in the Baccarat glassworks. Some of the canes were probably original Baccarat canes or were made using old Baccarat moulds; others he made himself. Some weights have spurious date canes such as 1815 or 1837. Although generally not of the same high standard as classic Baccarat weights, they are considered collectable due to the fact that they are usually well set-up and often display intricate canes.

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    Over a clear ground a garland of green-centred pink & white stardust canes divides 5 circlets of blue-centred white stardust canes. The green & white centre cane is encircled by a ring of complex pink & dark-blue millefiori canes.Polished concave base with wear ring.Good, well-made canes - attributed to 20th Century Baccarat-Dupont

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    The clear glass set with a central white star encircled by a translucent green ring and bordered by interlaced trefoil garlands.  One of the garlands is composed of green-centred pink & white stardust canes, the other garland has complex blue & white millefiori canes.Polished, concave base with wear ring.Attributed to 20th Century Baccarat-Dupont

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