Perthshire Annuals

Perthshire Paperweights (1968-2002) was set up by Stuart Drysdale in Crieff, Scotland aided by some of the top Scottish glassworkers. A specially commissioned weight in 1969 was followed by the factory's first Annual Collection in 1970, which consisted of just 2 designs. From then on, a new Collection was presented every year with 4 or 5 (later 7 or 8) limited editions. Most have a "P" signature/date cane or a scratched "P". For years, Perthshire was the benchmark for paperweight making in Scotland. The last complete Annual Collection was introduced in 2001. Financial constraints forced the factory to close down in early 2002.

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    The clear glass set with a number of pale-blue & dark-blue blossoms - accompanied by small, pale-green leaves - on spreading brown branches.  The mid-size weight is cut with a circular top facet and 16 oval side facets arranged in two rows. The lower side facets are each cut with an additional finger flute. Typical Perthshire star-cut base with...

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    Lying coiled in a sandy environment, next to a low-growing cactus and a scarlet flower, is a reddish-brown rattlesnake with its distinctive yellow & black body markings. Ever watchful - with raised head and “rattle” - it is poised to strike should an unsuspecting prey happen to pass by.Scratch-signed and numbered P 138 on the polished, concave base....

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    Mainly small millefiori canes are closely-packed over lengths of white latticinio and encircled by a border garland of multi-coloured canes. Colourful and slightly larger more complex canes - some with numerous individual elements bundled together - are randomly scattered amongst the small canes. Signed close to the centre with a (difficult to read) P1986...

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    A small weight centred by the heraldic emblem of the Prince of Wales: 3 golden feathers. Below them is a plaque bearing the date 29.7.81 and 2 blue millefiori canes with bell silhouettes. This design - set on a white lace ground encircled by a garland of multi-coloured millefiori canes - was issued to commemorate the wedding of the Prince of Wales in July...

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    Borne on a single stem over a bed of white upset muslin are 2 yellow lampwork roses, a yellow bud & pale-green leaves. Encircling the design is a border garland of complex blue & white millefiori canes. The weight is finished with a circular top window and 24 side facets in 3 rows. Scratch-signed and numbered on the polished, concave base....

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    A bouquet composed of flamingo-pink, pale-orange, white and pale-blue flowers together with a number of buds & green leaves set over a double filigree spiral. The weight is finished with a large top facet and 24 side facets arranged in 3 rows.Scratch-signed “P” and numbered on the polished, concave base, which also bears an original Perthshire...

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    A 4-flower bouquet within a blue flash overlay. The lilac, yellow, pink & blue flowers are accompanied by a number of buds and foliage and set over a clear ground. The weight is finished with a circular top window plus 30 fine notch-cuts and 30 small oval facets around the sides. Scratch-signed “P” and numbered on the narrow wear ring around the...

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    The translucent gold-ruby ground is centred by 6 coral-pink & white, shell-edged canes - infilled with yellow - resembling flower petals. The scalloped border garland is composed of complex purple/white and pink/white millefiori canes.Signed with a “P” cane in the centre of the flower. Polished, concave base with a broad wear ring..Of the planned...

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    A pair of wild budgerigars with green breasts, yellow heads and long, pale-blue tails are set amongst the branches and leaves of their natural Australian habitat - a eucalyptus tree. The weight is finished with a circular top facet and 16 oval side facets arranged in 2 rows.Signed with a tiny “P” cane at the end of the branch. Applied factory sticker.

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