Perthshire Annuals

Perthshire Paperweights (1968-2002) was set up by Stuart Drysdale in Crieff, Scotland aided by some of the top Scottish glassworkers. A specially commissioned weight in 1969 was followed by the factory's first Annual Collection in 1970, which consisted of just 2 designs. From then on, a new Collection was presented every year with 4 or 5 (later 7 or 8) limited editions. Most have a "P" signature/date cane or a scratched "P". For years, Perthshire was the benchmark for paperweight making in Scotland. The last complete Annual Collection was introduced in 2001. Financial constraints forced the factory to close down in early 2002.

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    Resting on a pedestal of alternating blue & white rods with a clear faceted foot, a closely-packed canopy of well over 100 complex canes is set on a cushion of crushed canes within a multi-coloured border. Signed with a “P” cane within the design.  (Includes original certificate)

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    Set on an opaque black ground are 3 large lampwork flowers - each with complex millefiori “stamen” - and a pale-blue bud.  The flowers are borne on 2 stems together with a number of green leaves.Signed with a “P” cane in the centre of the caramel-coloured flower.  The polished, concave base bears a Perthshire factory sticker. (Includes original certificate)

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    A 3-dimensional bouquet with blue, mauve, topaz & lilac flowers & buds, plus 3 bright-red berries, arranged with variegated foliage over a clear ground with a grid & star-cut base.  4 sloping side facets around the top window give the impression of a square-cut weight, although, in total there are 12 different-sized side facets. Signed with a...

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    Complex millefiori canes form a closepack cushion enclosed within an amber-on-white double overlay. Only 152 of the planned edition of 250 were produced and there are numerous variations in the cutting of the amber overlay. This one has a flat top window and 4 large oval side facets with sloping oval facets in-between.A P1981 signature/date cane is set in...

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    A deep-pink pompon dahlia - made of white-edged C-canes around a yellow rod stamen - centres this floral arrangement on a translucent ruby cushion within a ruby flash-overlay.  A second, smaller flower, a short curved stem and green, ribbed leaves complete the design.  The weight is finished with a scalloped top facet, 6 large oval side facets and 6...

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    A central cluster of closely-packed typical Perthshire canes surrounded by 5 three-cane millefiori nosegays with green leaves...all set above an opaque blue cushion.  The weight is finished with a top window and 5 side facets. A “P” signature cane is embedded in the polished, concave base, which bears a Perthshire factory sticker. (Includes original...

    £ 250.00
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    A small weight with a 6-petalled pink flower, a short stem and 2 green leaves floating above a stave basket composed of complex purple, white & pistachio millefiori canes. Signed with a “P” cane in the centre of the flower. Polished concave base.

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    A small weight centred by the heraldic emblem of the Prince of Wales: 3 golden feathers. Below them is a plaque bearing the date 29.7.81 and 2 blue millefiori canes with bell silhouettes. This design - set on a white lace ground encircled by a garland of multi-coloured millefiori canes - was issued to commemorate the wedding of the Prince of Wales in July...

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    Set over a double filigree spiral is a lampwork bouquet composed of 2 large flowers (flamingo-pink & pale-orange) and 2 smaller white & pale-blue flowers.  The arrangement also includes a number of buds and green leaves.  The weight is finished with a large top facet and 24 side facets arranged in 3 rows. Scratch-signed “P”  and numbered on the...

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    Centring the design is a white blossom flanked by 2 ripe strawberries. The arrangement - set above a strawberry cut base - is completed by 3 tightly-closed buds and green leaves. The weight is finished with a top facet and 4 oval side facets with pairs of smaller facets set between them. Signed with a small green/white “P” cane.(Only 218 of the planned...

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