Smith, Clinton

Clinton Smith - who was born in Connecticut - became interested in glass at the age of 19 after visiting a glass studio in upstate New York. He served a two year apprenticeship there and then worked in several other glass studios. Since 2001 he has been encasing his own lampwork paperweights. Although Clinton still works full time at a studio in Massachusetts, he produces beautiful pieces in his own studio, which contain a tiny CS signature cane and are scratch-signed and dated around the side.

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    A bunch of purple flowers - 3 in full bloom with their petals set around  fine upright yellow stamen; 3 are still unfurling. Completing the design, which is arranged over pale-green foliage is a cluster of 7 tightly-closed buds. Signed with a tiny CS cane on the underside of the lampwork and signature-signed & dated around the side of the weight:...

    £ 375.00
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item