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    Clusters of low-growing alpine bluebells together with bright-orange phlox grow among variously coloured granite cobbles in this depiction of a stony alpine setting.Scratch-signed and dated: Cathy Richardson 2009 around the middle of the weight. Numbered AB-001. Narrow basal rim around a polished, concave base. This was the first of a small edition of...

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    A blue-on-white double overlay is cut with a scalloped top facet and 12 oval side facets to reveal 2 yellow lampwork flowers set on a green & white filigree crown. The whole is then encased in another layer of clear glass which is finished with a single top facet.Signed with a JHD 2009 cane in the polished, concave base.

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    A 5-row concentric with extremely complex millefiori canes in pinks & reds, dark-green & light green providing a background for the ring of 11 rose canes in an eye-catching shade of rose madder.  This attractive one-off design is set on a translucent, sapphire-blue colour ground above light-blue staves.The flat, polished base is centred by an MH...

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    This design featuring 12 Zodiac silhouette canes randomly scattered in an arched canopy of small, closely-packed, complex millefiori canes in a huge range of colours was first introduced in 1958.A tiny white/green B1974 signature/date cane is tucked away near the periphery.  Flat, polished base with 2 acid-etched Baccarat insignia, number (77) and year...

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    The clear glass is set with a curving brown vine bearing blue morning glories.  2 of the trumpet-shaped flowers are in full bloom, the other three are still tightly furled. Completing the design are green leaves and brown tendrils. A white/green signature/date cane is set on the underside of one of the leaves.  The weight is additionally scratch-signed:...

    £ 750.00
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    A fruit weight from Ray Banford: four ripe pears hang from a brown, forked branch along with three dark-green leaves.  The lampwork design is set over parallel latticinio rods. The weight is finished with a single top facet and 5 side facets. Signed with a black & white “B” cane. Polished, concave base.

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    A pale-blue siderlily with red-ribbed petals around an upright yellow, black & orange “stamen” is centrally placed on 4 narrow, two-tone green leaves over a peach-coloured ground sprinkled with goldstone and underlaid with opaque white. The weight is tilted on a footed pedestal. A gold-foil “K” signature is embedded in the underside of the white underlay.

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    Set above a white crystalline ground is a stylized shaded-pink rose - its petals streaked with white - described as “a regal bloom in gentle colours”. The flower is encircled by translucent green leaves and tendrils. The paperweight is finished with a top facet and 32 side flutes arranged in 2 rows.Signed and dated (twice !) by the artist Colin Terris...

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    A medium-sized 19-cane spaced design in clear crystal centred by a pink/green rose with yellow pistils.  Typical Clichy pastrymould canes in colours ranging from pale-pink to claret & royal-blue meticulously set in a 3-4-5-4-3 formation. Polished, concave base with wear ring.

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    The clear crystal set with 2 rings of complex millefiori canes.  Green-centred white stardust canes make up the outer row around red & white corrugated canes. Centring the design is a 2-ring composite cane with white stardust encircling blue/white stars.A wear ring surrounds the concave, polished base.

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    The concentric mushroom is composed of 3 concentric rows of complex millefiori canes in shades of blue/white, salmon-pink and red/white framing a central floret. The tuft is contained in a basket of green/white corrugated canes centred by white stars and is set within a torsade of twisted white filigree enclosed by cobalt-blue spirals.  The weight has a...

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    A low, flat domed weight, probably from a Silesian glassworks, with a swirling 2-tier white basket supporting a blue/white/ruby compound cane surrounded by 2 rows of millefiori.  The white/ruby canes in the first row are encircled by pink/white/black complex canes set in alternating orange/yellow & cobalt-blue/white sheaths.Flat, lightly-ground,...

    £ 110.00
Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items