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    A fine hollow-blown crown with 10 tightly-coiled, white-edged red & green ribbons alternating with white latticinio twists. The ribbons and twists meet at the apex under a complex lime-green, pink, blue & white millefiori cane. The polished concave base has a narrow wear rim.  

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    A good 2-ring concentric design centred by a complex ruby/white/green millefiori cane. The canes - including a rare turquoise rose plus a pink/green rose - are set on a muslin cushion over parallel latticinio rods.Polished, deeply-concave base with a wide wear ring.  

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    A basket of pink & purple canes encircles a 3-row concentric design centred by a pink & pale-blue 4-petalled flower cane.  A first row of black-lined hollow tubes is followed by 2 rows of alternating complex canes, including 2 different 4-petalled flower canes.Scratch-signed above the basal edge: D MacNaught 2018. An “M” signature cane is visible...

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    A 3-colour marbrie with alternating muted pink, white & dark-blue swags crowned by a cluster of complex pink & white millefiori canes centred by a purple & green rose. The cluster includes a CCGW 95 signature/date cane and a second one marked PCA 95 to commemorate the fact that this limited edition was created for the Paperweight Collectors...

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    A one-off design by Margot Thomson in an unusual slender, tapering form. From the base - a vortex of purple and cranberry, topped with glistening bubbles - elongated bubbles, accompanied by purple & cranberry streamers, swirl upwards to the top of the weight. The front facet is polished; the back and sides have a satin finish.The polished, round base...

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    Design J01: this was the very first design issued by Jay-Glass - a small flower on a swirl. Here the flower is amber with a millefiori cane centre. The flowerhead is crowned with leaves; there are 2 more on the curved stem. The swirl is pale-yellow, amber & pale-green. Signed with a “J” cane at the base of the stem. Flat, polished base.

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    Mainly small millefiori canes are closely-packed over lengths of white latticinio and encircled by a border garland of multi-coloured canes. Colourful and slightly larger more complex canes - some with numerous individual elements bundled together - are randomly scattered amongst the small canes. Signed close to the centre with a (difficult to read) P1986...

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    This 4-row concentric - set on an opaque pale-green ground with splashes of yellow - is one of the few signed paperweights from Salvador Ysart !  The canes, which all have a central coloured tube or rod, are lined in russet, grey & green and sheathed in pale-orange, green & ivory. Signed with a “Y” cane in the first row (at 7 o'clock in the first...

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