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    Evenly spaced over a white upset muslin cushion, interwoven with a couple of pink and blue filigree rods, are 18 typical Baccarat millefiori canes, including 8 Gridel silhouettes - hunter, pelican (both rarely seen), black stag, goat, dog, rooster, white squirrel & lovebirds - and a flower cane generally referred to as a flax.  5 of the other canes...

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    A centre pink/green rose cane (slightly lying on its side) is surrounded by 2 rings of vibrantly-coloured complex millefiori canes (15 altogether) separated by short lengths of latticinio. The design rests on a bed of parallel strips of latticinio. Finished with a circular top facet and 6 side facets.Polished, concave base with a narrow wear ring.

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    One of the 6 limited edition paperweights in the “Exotic Butterfly” series: a butterfly with blue/white wings over a pebble ground studded with patches of moss. The insect has a brown body, white eyes and yellow antennae.On the lower right - set at the edge of the ground - is a tiny B1978 signature/date cane. The Baccarat insignia is acid-etched on the...

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    The series “Millefiori Miniatures” - designed by Allan Scott - was issued over a number of years. Within a ring of blue & white millefiori canes is a 3-flower lampwork posy set on an opaque blue colour ground. The weight is cut with a top facet and 5 small side facets.Acid-etched on the flat, polished base: Caithness Miniature Posy Scotland.

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    A scrambled weight with a white/green rose in the centre and 6 other whole canes scattered amongst the predominantly pink, green & red twists & ribbons, with just a couple of hints of dark-blue and sprinkled gold aventurine. Signed indistinctly in a pink/white cane with the faint initials “BMM”, which was used for a series of weights made for the...

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    Probably the best-known lampwork design by this artist: the ever-popular spiderlily. This one has a yellow flower with an upright red/yellow “stamen”. It is supported on 4 narrow, two-tone green leaves over a pink jasper ground. The arrangement is set at an angle on a footed pedestal.Signed with a gold-foil “K” on the underside of the jasper ground.  

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    A delightful floral arrangement with a spray of yellow-centred, purple freesias cascading around a bright-blue clematis with long, upright blue anthers and an aster with a red & yellow central disk surrounded by pale-lilac rays. Green stalks and curling tendrils complete the arrangement, which is set over an opaque white ground.Signed on the underside...

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    A beautifully simple design featuring a pale-pink crimp rose - its diaphanous petals streaked with darker-pink - nestled against variegated green leaves. The weight is finished with a top and 5 side facets. Script-signed around the polished, flat base: Sherwin Art Glass 2016. Faceting by Jim Poore.

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