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    Evenly spaced over a white upset muslin cushion, interwoven with a couple of pink and blue filigree rods, are 18 typical Baccarat millefiori canes, including 8 Gridel silhouettes - hunter, pelican (both rarely seen), black stag, goat, dog, rooster, white squirrel & lovebirds - and a flower cane generally referred to as a flax.  5 of the other canes...

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    A miniature spaced concentric centred by a perfectly-shaped white rose with 7 red pistils framed by a row of green/white moss canes over a clear ground. The outer ring has 5 yellow, blue & white composite millefiori canes set between pairs of small pink & white corrugated canes.Polished, concave base.  

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    A lampwork double clematis with rounded, pink petals, encircling a millefiori stamen is set over a translucent olive-green ground.  The short curved stem bears 3 green leaves. The continuous border garland is composed of green/white/red & ochre/white/red complex millefiori canes. Signed with a green/white PY cane close to the bottom of the stem....

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    A lampwork bouquet centred by a large amber & pink flower with a complex millefiori cane “stamen”. Completing the floral arrangement over a white double-spiral filigree cushion are 3 other blooms, numerous buds, brown & green stems and leaves.Signed in the polished, concave base with a PMcD 10 signature/date cane and scratch-numbered 34/35....

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    Arched over a white satin cushion is a beautifully-sculpted pink & white double clematis borne on a green stem.  A second stem bears a pink bud waiting to unfurl..A small B 1974 signature/date cane is set close to the bottom of the stems. Numbered and dated 407 1974 on the polished concave base along with 2 acid-etched Baccarat insignia.

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    The design, set over a white lace cushion, has a large complex cane in the centre encircled by a ring of pistachio tubes, pink crimps & white stars.  Five coloured garlands - each composed of a different type of millefiori cane - loop around 4 silhouette canes (a dog, a horse, a dancing lady & the figure of a man). The loop of the fifth garland...

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    Over a speckled opaque blue ground this 2-layer design features a large white blossom centred by a complex millefiori cane. Spreading over the bloom are brown branches and green ruffled leaves. Engraved on the surface of the weight is a dragonfly with outstretched wings and a bee. Script-signed around the polished, flat base: Sherwin Art Glass. Engraving...

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    A meticulously-set 5-row concentric with complex millefiori, crimp and ruffle canes in green, white, blue & pale-yellow encircling a mauve/white centre cane. The canes are encased in a basket of blue-lined white crimps, which have been pulled underneath to the centre of the base. The top of the dome has been finished with a small facet and 6 side...

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