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    Starting from a point under a complex pink & white pastry-mould cane, 36 alternating cobalt-blue & white rods swirl out forming a pinwheel pattern under a clear crystal dome. Polished, concave base with a broad wear ring.

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    A mixed fruit weight with 2 pears (1 green), an apple and 4 cherries set amidst serrated emerald-green leaves on a double-spiral filigree basket. Polished, concave base.

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    A small weight with a red & white primrose.  6 well-formed petals surround a white stardust stamen centred by a pink bulls’ eye cane.  The flower is crowned by the tips of 3 green leaves and supported on a short curving stem bearing a pair of green leaves. The polished, concave base is finished with a 16-point star-cut.

    £ 390.00
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    Creating a vortex effect under a clear, but low dome, the 30 alternating turquoise & white rods in this weight swirl - clockwise - from white star canes set around a larger, pink-sheathed star.  (The majority of Swirls are ANTI-clockwise !)  The ring of controlled bubbles around the centre is not quite complete and one bubble is much larger than the...

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    A medium-size, one-off design: a blue & white butterfly flutters next to a spray of blush-pink & white flowers with yellow stamen and deep-pink markings over a clear ground. Signed and dated around the middle of the weight: Cathy Richardson 2018. Polished, concave base. Includes original certificate

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    Floating on the surface of a pool between 3 green lily pads are two pink waterlilies in full bloom as well as a tightly closed bud.Embedded in the side of the weight are an “R” signature cane and a 2018 date cane.  Polished, concave base.

    £ 325.00
  • The clear glass is set with a curving brown vine bearing blue morning glories.  2 of the trumpet-shaped flowers are in full bloom, the other three are still tightly furled. Completing the design are green leaves and brown tendrils. A white/green signature/date cane is set on the underside of one of the leaves.  The weight is additionally scratch-signed:...

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    Set on a concave white ground this simple bouquet is centred by a beautiful red rose.  Grouped around the rose are small white and purple blooms; yellowish-green leaves complete the arrangement. Signed and dated above the basal rim: M Ayotte ‘19.  Polished, concave base with wear ring

    £ 330.00
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