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    The concentric mushroom is composed of 3 concentric rows of complex millefiori canes in shades of blue/white, salmon-pink and red/white framing a central floret. The tuft is contained in a basket of green/white corrugated canes centred by white stars and is set within a torsade of twisted white filigree enclosed by cobalt-blue spirals.  The weight has a...

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    A mixed fruit weight with 2 pears (1 green), an apple and 4 cherries set amidst serrated emerald-green leaves on a double-spiral filigree basket. Polished, concave base.

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    Various types of arrow canes, shamrocks, whorls, honeycombs and stars - in green, turquoise, blue, red, salmon-pink and orange - are closely packed to form the tuft of the mushroom with the outer canes pulled into a tapered stem over a 32-point star-cut.  Encircling the base of the mushroom is a coiled blue spiral wrapped around a white filigree...

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    A faceted miniature pansy on clear over a small 16-point star-cut base.  The deep-purple petals and purple-tipped yellow petals - underlaid with opaque white - are set around a white/pink cane stamen.  The tips of 3 leaves surround the flowerhead; the short curved stem bears 2 further leaves.The weight is finished with a circular top facet with a...

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    A basket of pink & purple canes encircles a 3-row concentric design centred by a pink & pale-blue 4-petalled flower cane.  A first row of black-lined hollow tubes is followed by 2 rows of alternating complex canes, including 2 different 4-petalled flower canes.Scratch-signed above the basal edge: D MacNaught 2018. An “M” signature cane is visible...

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    A mid-size 3-row concentric set in a basket of ivory & pale-amber staves. The complex millefiori centre cane is encircled by 3 rows of canes: green crimps, white & blue crimps and blue, white & ochre crimps alternating with white 6-pointed stars. The weight is finished with a circular top facet and 5 deep-cut side facets. Signed with a "B"...

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    A medium-size, one-off design: a blue & white butterfly flutters next to a spray of blush-pink & white flowers with yellow stamen and deep-pink markings over a clear ground. Signed and dated around the middle of the weight: Cathy Richardson 2018. Polished, concave base. Includes original certificate

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    A delightful floral arrangement over an opaque pale-blue ground.  Clichy-style purple roses, accompanied by pink freesias are set around a yellow/orange clematis against a background of dark-green foliage.Signed with an “R” cane on the underside of the flower arrangement. Concave, polished base.

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