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    The clear crystal set with 2 rings of complex millefiori canes.  Green-centred white stardust canes make up the outer row around red & white corrugated canes. Centring the design is a 2-ring composite cane with white stardust encircling blue/white stars.A wear ring surrounds the concave, polished base.

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    A colourful jumble of 3 or 4 whole canes - including an early arrow & fortress composite cane - partial canes, colourful twists and rods in blue, orange, lime-green, lemon, ruby & turquoise over a muslin cushion. The weight is finished with a circular top facet and 6 side facets.Polished, concave base with a wide wear ring.

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    The clear crystal set with a small lampwork pansy with two purple upper petals and 3 pale-yellow lower petals marked with short black veins.  The curved stem bears two leaves and a further stem carries a small purple bud tightly furled in green sepals.A wear ring surrounds the polished, concave base.

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    Set above a white crystalline ground is a stylized shaded-pink rose - its petals streaked with white - described as “a regal bloom in gentle colours”. The flower is encircled by translucent green leaves and tendrils. The paperweight is finished with a top facet and 32 side flutes arranged in 2 rows.Signed and dated (twice !) by the artist Colin Terris...

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    This design featuring 12 Zodiac silhouette canes randomly scattered in an arched canopy of small, closely-packed, complex millefiori canes in a huge range of colours was first introduced in 1958.A tiny white/green B1974 signature/date cane is tucked away near the periphery.  Flat, polished base with 2 acid-etched Baccarat insignia, number (77) and year...

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    Encircled by a garland of Clichy-style white/pink rose canes and white/pink complex millefiori canes is a red-aventurine bodied butterfly set over a pale-green lace ground. The insect’s outstretched yellow wings have orange markings close to the body and similar “eye-spots” at the tips.Signed with a JHD 2017 cane on the underside of the polished, concave...

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    Whitefriars made only a few mid-size weights. This 5-row concentric is set with white, blue & green canes sandwiched between pink canes over a clear ground.A blue/white 1975 signature/date cane is incorporated in the row of white canes.  Typical Whitefriars button base .  The weight bears an original factory label.  Original box.(There is a bubble in...

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    A reference book by author Peter von Brackel. He has identified 8 groups of mid-19th Century Classic paperweights from Silesia and Bohemia based on certain characteristics and particular canes, and attributed many of them to specific glassworks: for example to Karlsthal and the Josephinenhütte in Silesia, and Harrach and Egermann in Bohemia. The book also...

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