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    A very attractive PP design: a small pink lampwork flower & buds on a white lace ground encircled by 4 rows of millefiori canes - 3 of which are separated by colourful twists.  Cane colours are yellow, pale-pink & blue with white & mauve composite canes in the outer circle. Finished with a top and 5 side facets.Signed with a P1997 cane in the...

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    Complex millefiori canes form a closepack cushion enclosed within an amber-on-white double overlay. Only 152 of the planned edition of 250 were produced and there are numerous variations in the cutting of the amber overlay. This one has a flat top window and 4 large oval side facets with sloping oval facets in-between.A P1981 signature/date cane is set in...

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    An eye-catching “fountain” design - composed of blue/white latticinio twists placed between blue-centred white stardust canes - and set over an opaque pale-blue colour ground. A blue/white/red SL1988 signature/date cane is incorporated in the design.  Polished, concave base with wear ring. (Includes original certificate)

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    A high-domed patterned weight with yellow/pink canes & pale-orange/ruby canes set around a complex millefiori cane within a double garland over an opaque cream-coloured ground. The complex centre cane appears again as one of the alternating canes in the first row of the garland while the outer row is composed of semi-translucent tubes containing...

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    A mid-size 3-row concentric set in a basket of ivory & pale-amber staves. The complex millefiori centre cane is encircled by 3 rows of canes: green crimps, white & blue crimps and blue, white & ochre crimps alternating with white 6-pointed stars. The weight is finished with a circular top facet and 5 deep-cut side facets. Signed with a "B"...

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    A beautifully simple design featuring a pale-pink crimp rose - its diaphanous petals streaked with darker-pink - nestled against variegated green leaves. The weight is finished with a top and 5 side facets. Script-signed around the polished, flat base: Sherwin Art Glass 2016. Faceting by Jim Poore.

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    Centring 3 rows of complex millefiori canes is a soft-pink 4-petalled flower cane outlined in white.  The flower cane appears again - in white/green - in the second row and also in the centre of the green complex canes in the third row. Encircling the concentric design, purple/white rods and white corrugated canes, lined in blue, form a basket, which is...

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    A pink convolvulus with upright yellow stamen, 3 tightly closed pink buds, a yellow & a purple flower make an attractive bouquet in a nest of green leaves. The lampwork design is set on a translucent dark-blue ground.The weight has an “R” signature cane and is monogrammed and dated: KR 2000. Polished, concave base.

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