In mid to late 19th Century Germany, the main areas of glass production were Silesia, Thuringia and the Bavarian Forest. Numerous glassworks produced post-classic paperweights from ca. 1875 into the 20th century. Thuringian weights tend to have relatively simple canes with a predominance of bright colours (turquoise & orange-yellow). Silesian post-classic weights are generally of a better quality, often set on latticinio baskets. German weights only appear infrequently on the market, so it must be assumed that paperweight production was a sideline for the glasshouses or that they were made by glassworkers after hours.
For classic Silesian paperweights (Josephinenhütte / Josephine Glassworks) see the category: Bohemia/Silesia.

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    An assortment of short pieces of white latticinio and multi-coloured rods - set over a white, 2-tiered double latticinio basket - make up this somewhat unusual scrambled weight. Perhaps made by a glass worker after hours as a gift for a member of the family, the rods are not perfectly centred over the basket, which protrudes more on one side than the...

    £ 99.00
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