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This page illustrates paperweights from artists or studios for which we have no dedicated section.

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  • An Orient & Flume iridescent blue, egg-shaped weight designed by Ed Alexander. It is decorated with 3 large white irises with yellow beards. Each bloom is accompanied by long green leaves.Scratch-signed and numbered around the flat, polished base: Orient & Flume 199/259 Alexander. (Original label)

  • Paperweights with figures created by glass artist Lewis Wilson. A gnome with a long beard - dressed in a blue jacket and wearing a bright-red hat - is standing on a pebble ground in a garden amidst low-growing pale-blue flowers and dark-green leaves.A blue/white “CM” signature cane (Crystal Myths) is partially hidden in the leaves. The weight is...

  • A 3-dimensional bouquet from Ronald E. Hansen (1913-1986).  A 2-layered flower with red/white striped petals over orange, arranged with blue & yellow flowers on green leaves is set on an opaque pale-pink ground. Signed in the centre of the flower with a white “H” cane with a millefiori border. Flat, polished base.(Faint yellowish tint to the dome;...

  • A small paperweight made by Ronald Hansen (1913-1986).  The nosegay is composed of pale-blue tubes and ochre corrugated canes with white star centres around a red & white Baccarat-style fortress cane. There are 2 mauve “petals” and the design is set on green foliage above an unusual lime-green ground.  Cut with a top and 6 side facets. Signed in full...

  • A large blue bird soars above 5 tall mauve & yellow wild flowers growing in a rocky landscape.Signed and dated J Todd NW-119 Yaffa 92 above the basal rim. Deeply concave baseHusband and wife team Yaffa & Jeff Todd started making paperweights in the mid-1980s.

  • A fascinating “aquatic” weight from Mark Eckstrand.  Attached to a black & white speckled ocean reef, vibrant filigree twists and millefiori canes in translucent sheaths create the impression of branched corals swaying gently in the underwater currents. An amazing range of colours: yellow, orange, green, lilac, purple and blue right through to the...

  • A black & orange reptile, with a black head and white eyes, lies coiled on a ground of crushed green and white glass, its red forked tongue poised ready to strike. Signed JG in blue powder on the underside of the ground.  Crosshatched, flat base with small concavity in the centre.John Gentile and his brother Peter established the Gentile Glass Company...

  • 7 floret clusters, each containing 7 light-blue, white & red millefiori canes in blue sleeves are set around a swirling translucent cobalt blue ground. Made by the Gentile Glass Company in Star City, West Virginia.  The base bears the 1975 “Family Crest” pontil stamp .

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items