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Although the paperweights issued by Caithness Glass in the 1970s were mainly abstract designs by Colin Terris, during the 1980s a number of designers - such as Margot Thomson, Allan Scott and William Manson - began to produce lampwork designs sometimes combined with millefiori. Subjects included floral themes, insects, reptiles, birds and marine life. These more traditional designs were usually issued in relatively small limited editions of maybe only 50 or 100 pieces.

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    The series “Millefiori Miniatures” - designed by Allan Scott - was issued over a number of years. Within a ring of blue & white millefiori canes is a 3-flower lampwork posy set on an opaque blue colour ground. The weight is cut with a top facet and 5 small side facets.Acid-etched on the flat, polished base: Caithness Miniature Posy Scotland.

    £ 22.00
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