MacNaught, Damon

Damon MacNaught - born in 1974 in Upper New York State - first started working with glass in the mid-1990s... before setting up his own studio - Bare Glass Studio - in Tennessee in 1998. Another Tennessee-based paperweight-maker, Jim Brown, had a big influence on his work. Currently working as a professor in the Fine Arts Department at the University of Tennessee, Damon still finds time between teaching engagements to work on new ideas in his studio.

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    A basket of pink & purple canes encircles a 3-row concentric design centred by a pink & pale-blue 4-petalled flower cane.  A first row of black-lined hollow tubes is followed by 2 rows of alternating complex canes, including 2 different 4-petalled flower canes.Scratch-signed above the basal edge: D MacNaught 2018. An “M” signature cane is visible...

    £ 235.00
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item