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All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples of the work of this highly-creative glass studio.

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  • The clear crystal is set with a beautiful purple rose in full bloom. To the left-hand side is a large bud, which is about to burst into flower - whereas the 2 buds on the other side are still tightly furled. The flower is supported on a short, curving stem which bears six green leaves. The weight is cut with a circular top window and 6 large side...

  • A beautiful fruit & flower arrangement featuring a ripe strawberry, a pastel-pink china rose in full bloom, a tightly closed bud and clusters of pale lilac knotweed. Variegated leaves complete the design which is set over a clear ground.Signed and dated Trabucco 2010 above the basal rim. Polished, concave base.  

  • The clear glass is set with a white striped, pale-pink morning glory in full flower, which is growing from a green vine. The vine - which also bears 2 tightly-furled, pale-pink buds, clusters of tiny white blossoms and green leaves - is curled around a dark-brown branch. The magnum weight is beautifully faceted with honeycomb side facets and a concave top...

  • The “mellow fruitfulness” of autumn displayed in ripe blackberries and plump red hawthorn berries arranged with blue and pinkish-orange flowers and buds amongst variegated leaves and curling tendrils on a curving branch over a clear ground. Signed and dated 2010 on the side of the weight. Polished, concave base.

  • Black & white is, perhaps, a somewhat unusual colour scheme for a floral design - but here it has been put to dramatic effect. The main element is a multi-petalled white blossom, with the petals set around black upright pistils. Surrounding the flowerhead are white berries borne on black stems and placed between pairs of black leaves. The weight is...

  • A delightful miniature floral weight. The bright-blue flower in the centre has 10 petals set around a green stamen and pale-pink upright anthers. Completing the design are 2 pale-pink thistles and a short green stem, which supports the flower and the crown of leaves surrounding it. 3 pairs of acid-etched leaves decorate the satin-finish exterior. The...

  • A stunning design with a single red rose and bud, borne on a curving black stem and surrounded by black leaves. Acid-etched flowers and leaves decorate the satin-finish exterior of the weight. The weight is cut with a concave top facet.Concealed on the underside of one of the leaves is a green/black “T” signature cane. The clear concave base is...

  • The warm colours of summer combined in a delightful arrangement of flowers and fruit over a clear ground. A yellow-centred marguerite and a white bud are framed by a curved branch bearing 2 ripe raspberries, reddish-yellow and pale-lavender flowers and clusters of pale-pink knotweed, entwined amongst mottled, brownish-green leaves. Scratch-signed above...

  • A beautiful floral arrangement with two pastel-pink blossoms just starting to open together with a tightly closed bud. Set amongst pointed brownish-green, variegated leaves over a white muslin ground. Signed and dated: Trabucco 2009. Polished, concave base.

  • A magnum weight with the clear crystal encasing a delicate pink wild rose and pink bud blooming on a leafy stem alongside a branch bearing 2 clusters of ripe blueberries.A VT signature cane is set under the foliage and the weight is scratch-signed and dated above the basal rim.  

  • A fine example of Victor Trabucco’s artistry in glass. A pale-blue morning glory in full flower plus a bud about to unfurl, set amidst four mottled green leaves on clear.Signed and dated: Victor Trabucco 2002. Polished, concave base.

  • A branch bearing a luscious ripe peach, a delicate white blossom with upright yellow & orange anthers and 5 mottled green leaves set on white lace.Signed and dated: Jon & David Trabucco 2002. Polished, concave base.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items