Recent research findings on classic 19th Century Bohemian/Silesian paperweights show that the Josephinenhütte in Silesia and the Harrach glassworks in Bohemia were the main producers. (The very first paperweights were probably made in the early 1840s in Carlsthal, Silesia). There is also the group of Bussolin weights and those produced by Friedrich Egermann in North Bohemia. Date canes are rare; the best known is the “j 1848”, but there is another one: 1848 in blue numerals on a white plaque. Common designs are “scattereds” on muslin and crowns, although Harrach produced concentrics and overlays. Rose canes and silhouettes appear frequently.
production included millefiori on mica grounds, 3D sulphides, and multi-faceted, stylized flower weights. (see under Germany)

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