Grubb, Randall

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All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows a few examples of the work of this artist, who is no longer making paperweights.

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  • The clear glass encloses 3 deep-pink tea roses framing a central cluster of African violets with bright-yellow upright anthers. Completing the attractive bouquet - which is set over a bed of pointed green leaves - are sprays of pale-pink bell flowers and clusters of tiny white blossoms. A “G” signature cane is set on the underside of the foliage.The...

  • An impressive weight incorporating one of this artists’s most popular designs; a forked branch of yellow-centred plum blossoms... encased in a pink-on-white double overlay, cut with a large top facet, 6 side facets and vertical flutes around the lower half of the weight.Signed with a “G” signature cane underneath the tip of one of the branches. Polished,...

  • A forked branch of pale-mauve plum blossoms with delicate upright yellow anthers and 3 leaves at the end of each sprig; inspired by springtime in Oregon where the artist was living at the time. A “G” signature cane is set underneath one of the leaf clusters. Signed around the weight: Randall Grubb ‘91. Concave, polished base.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items