Ebelhare, Drew

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This page shows typical examples of the work of this modern American artist.

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  • A low-domed closepack with colourful and complex millefiori canes enclosed in a basket of multi-coloured staves which are drawn into the base of the weight.  Two of the canes are centred by shamrock silhouettes; another one has a tiny orange/green flower silhouette. Script-signed Ebelhare and dated 10-98 on the flat, polished base.

  • An attractive 5-row concentric in a green crimp basket. The centre - in the form of a mushroom tuft - is composed of 3 rows of ruffle canes in various shades of blue set in white collars and arranged around a Bacchus-style pink & white feature cane. The other 2 rows of pale-pink complex millefiori canes are slightly splayed. The weights is cut with a...

  • White ruffle canes and white collars feature in this attractive Bacchus-inspired concentric with blue & pink adding splashes of colour in addition to the single row of green crimp canes.  The canes are arranged in a basket of pale-pink lined canes, which are drawn into the base.Script-signed Ebelhare and dated 4-10 on the polished, flat base.

  • A well-set miniature concentric from this American millefiori artist. An extremely complex pink, green, white & blue centre is encircled by 3 rows of green-lined crimp canes plus an outer row forming a basket, which is drawn underneath the design.Signed with an “E” signature cane set in the centre. Script-signed and dated on the flat, polished base:...

  • A delightful closepack made almost entirely of 5-petalled “flower” canes with pink, white & mauve pompon dahlias and white/green roses. Colours include almost the entire spectrum - with shades of pale & dark-blue, purple, burnt-orange, white, pink, yellow & red. The canopy of millefiori canes is set over a clear ground.The piece is signed with...

  • Encircling a lemon & white centre cane are 4 rows of complex millefiori “flower” canes in white, turquoise, russet & pink/blue plus an outer row of moss canes. The close concentric design is set on a ruby & white spiral-ribbon pedestal - with a double corkscrew torsade.An "E" signature cane is incorporated in the design. Scratch-signed and...

  • A 5-row concentric featuring a white & yellow pompon dahlia centre, surrounded by a row with 5 fuchsia-coloured pompons plus 5 white & purple Clichy-style roses. Another row contains 10 deep-purple pompons, while the outer row has mauve/pink pompons alternating with pink & blue stylized flowers.Signed in the outer row with an “E” cane and...

  • 3 blue, pink & mauve/blue millefiori flower garlands arranged in two layers over clear ground. Signed and dated on the flat, polished base: Ebelhare 9-03.

  • The clear glass set with 18 white & purple Clichy-type roses, foliage and 3 other flower canes. A very different - but appealing - design from this American glass artist, who is best known for his intricate millefiori canes.Signed with an “E” cane and scratch-signed and dated above the basal rim.  

  • A floral concentric pattern arranged around a fuchsia-coloured pompon dahlia. 7 rows of assorted millefiori flower canes and leaves, culminating in an outer row of alternating white and yellow pompon dahlias and blue wild flowers.Signed with an “E” cane in the outer row; scratch-signed and dated on the flat, polished base.  

  • Close concentric millefiori with a white & green rose cane in the centre encircled by 5 rings of assorted canes in a wonderful range of warm tones. An “E” signature cane is included in the design. Signed and dated on the flat, polished base: Ebelhare 9-03.  

  • Assorted millefiori flowers - including a purple & yellow pansy in the centre, white & green Clichy-style roses, white & yellow and fuchsia-coloured dahlias - closely packed in a cruciform design. Signed in the outer row with an “E” cane and scratch-signed and dated on the flat, polished base.  

Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items