Banford, Family

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The paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

The page shows examples of work by Ray & Bob Banford and by Bobby Banford.

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  • Set over a clear ground are 3 orange/yellow roses in full bloom accompanied by 2 tightly-closed buds supported on dark-green entwined stems bearing numerous green leaves. Signed with a black & white “B” cane (Ray Banford) at the base of the stems. The polished base is cut with diamond points.

  • A weight from Bobby Banford with two yellow-centred, pale-pink flowers arranged together with knotweed and wildflowers over bright-green leaves. The design floats above a translucent sapphire-blue ground.Signed with a “B”cane on the underside of the bouquet. Polished, concave base.(The signature cane is the one used by Bobby Banford when she was making...

  • A magnificent deep-purple & white striped iris at the centre of a tightly-packed floral arrangement which includes 3 deep-purple iris buds between entwined variegated green leaves set over a diamond-cut, concave base.A white signature cane with a black “B”, which was used by Ray Banford, is placed near the bottom of the arrangement.  

  • Lampwork from Ray Banford. 3 double-cupped pinkish-beige flowers bloom alongside 2 buds on entwined stems with abundant emerald green leaves over a clear ground. Signed with a white & black ”B” cane at the base of the stems. Polished, concave base.  

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items