Ayotte, Rick

Rick Ayotte, who originally worked as a scientific glassblower, started making paperweights in the late 1970s. Today he is regarded as one of America’s leading lampwork artists. His naturalistic depictions of birds, butterflies and his colourful bouquets of fruit and flowers - encased in crystal - have attracted the attention of collectors the world over and are eagerly sought after and highly prized at auction. Rick Ayotte’s weights are signed and dated on the side and in the case of limited editions also indicate the size of the edition.

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  • £ 450.00 In stock

    The clear crystal set with a hummingbird searching for nectar. The bird - with its metallic green body and forked tail - is hovering in front of 3 lavender-blue flowers growing from a cluster of pale-green leaves together with a single bud. On the same branch is a second cluster of leaves and another 3 buds.Signed & dated: Ayotte Ed./50 ‘90. Polished,...

    £ 450.00
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