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All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of the mainly abstract designs of this now defunct Scottish glassworks.

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  • The prototype perhaps of a limited edition designed by Kenneth Scott - with a frosted finish to the dome-shaped weight. Whereas in the limited edition the blue & white ribbons swirl anti-clockwise around the central yellow twist, here they spiral in a clockwise direction! The polished front window is scalloped with 5 small facets on either side, which...

  • Pink-tinged crystalline “spray” blowing off white-flecked translucent blue waves encloses a silver ring and silver bubble. Opaque with a polished front facet. A variation of Philip Holmes’ “Dreamtime” introduced in 2002.Inscribed on the polished concave base: Selkirk Glass, Scotland, 2003.  

  • A variation of Rondo, a limited edition designed by James Brown in 2001. In this version, the originally clear glass has been frosted and given a polished front facet. Rising like vapour from an “inferno”, a swirling column of gold and silver bubbles supports a white crystalline chalice.Signed and dated around the polished ,concave base:...

  • A trial weight with a frosted surface and polished front facet, that never went into production. Above an aquamarine ground sprinkled with goldstone, 5 fine green/red streamers curl and twist around 3 large and numerous small silver air bubbles.Engraved around the polished concave base: Selkirk Glass Scotland 2003.  

  • Translucent pale-orange streamers enclose a cascade of fragments swirling upwards from a blue ground towards a star-like formation of yellow particles and 7 silvery spheres. Opaque with polished front facet.Engraved on the polished, concave base: Selkirk Glass, Scotland, 2003.  

  • A silver form - surrounded by swirling crystalline clouds - floats above a deep-aquamarine ground. Frosted, spherical weight with a sloping front facet.Inscribed on the polished, concave base: Selkirk Glass Scotland 2003.  

  • A Kenneth Scott design first introduced in 2001. Over a mottled purple & white ground, wispy purple & white streamers swirl around a silvery central bubble under a mass of spiralling air bubbles. Although originally described as a “miniature” , this example is somewhat larger !Signed and dated on the polished, concave base: Selkirk...

  • An abstract flower weight from Peter Holmes. A polished facet in the frosted dome gives a view onto a stylized flower with 18 striated rose-madder petals and 3 green leaves growing out of a “golden” ground.PH signature cane and signed: Selkirk Glass 2001. (In its original, white satin-lined presentation box).

  • A beautiful trial weight in basically just 2 colours The frosted surface of the dome-shaped weight has a polished front facet through which the viewer sees a white crystalline fantasy flower with golden anthers growing above a ground of molten “gold”. The surface at the back of the weight is slightly ribbed.Inscribed around the polished,...

  • A large experimental weight, designed by Peter Holmes, which never went into production. Floating above a blue/white and glittering-silver ground, are 2 pagoda-like forms. The lower one is greyish-blue and covered in thousands of tiny air bubbles while above it - a diaphanous cobalt-blue “smoke cloud” swirls around a silver-grey air...

  • A beautifully-executed experimental design - but one that was never issued as a limited edition. A riot of white, cranberry & amber streamers swirl around a cluster of tarnished silver bubbles above a blue & white crystalline ground.Inscribed around the polished, concave base: Selkirk Glass Scotland 1999.  

  • The Hedgerow series - 3 limited editions of flowers designed by Peter Holmes - allowed him to introduce lampwork into the predominantly abstract range of paperweights. The yellow primrose has 5 heart-shaped petals around an amber & white cog stamen. Attached to the short curved stem are ribbed green leaves and 2 yellow buds.Scratch-signed SGS (Selkirk...

Showing 1 - 12 of 32 items