Perthshire PP Range

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All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

These are examples of the PP Range produced between 1969 - 2001 by this well-known Scottish factory.

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  • A good example of an early (Pre-1978) unsigned PP2 pattern in a 10-spoke version over a translucent amethyst ground. Set in a 1-2-2 formation around the centre cane and 2 surrounding rings. The millefiori cane colours range from dark-blue, red & orange to pale-pink, pale-blue & ivory. There is a concave, fire-polished area in the flat base where...

  • A fine PP 1 - Type 3 - neatly set up in attractive colours - mainly blue & green, with a hint of mauve, yellow, white & black in the twists. The pattern is set over an opaque teal ground.Signed with a P cane in the centre. Polished, concave base with an original Perthshire paper label.  

  • A Type II unsigned PP1 in soft, pastel colours. Radiating out from a dark-blue/white centre cane and 2 concentric rings of cog canes, are 14 blue/white/pink twists, which divide the opaque colour ground into panels. The canes are set in an unusual 1-1-1-2-2 formation. The 20-toothed white cog cane with the blue centre is the most striking cane - and...

  • An early 13 spoke unsigned PP1 with 2 rows of millefiori canes encircling the centre cane. The canes between the blue, pink & white twists are set in the typical 1-1-2-2 formation. Subtle colouring - lime-green & royal blue tones combined with pale-green, yellow, beige, aqua & pink - on a semi-translucent blue ground.The fire-polished base has...

Showing 97 - 100 of 100 items